The condemned coca leaf

This is an article that Anna posted in her movie review of Cocalero. I thought it may be helpful to write a quick summary and reaction.

This article discusses the recent legalization of the coca leaf in Bolivia and the significance of this change to the people. The coca leaf is a plant that provides several health benefits when chewed. This plant has also been used by the people for thousands of years. For this reason, prohibiting the chewing of coca leaves creates conflict by imposing on the traditions of the people.  The issue to consider is that this plant provides a vital ingredient in the production of cocaine. The main point of this article is to provide background information on the recreational use of the coca plant and the importance of this plant to the people of Bolivia.

After reading this article, I can see the positive aspects of Bolivia’s withdrawal from the international treaty. The coca plant is obviously an important part of their traditions and they should be able to choose to handle the responsibility that comes with it. As far as this article is concerned, it makes a convincing argument on the issue.



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